Crank Up Your Order Clearing and Fraud Detection: The Five-in-One Solution

Whitepages Pro’s Identity Check now includes Email-to-Name!

Clearing good orders and mitigating risk is at the forefront of today’s online retailer’s mind. ECommerce revenue is expected to hit $347 billion in 2015, the EMV deadline has past, and the holidays are just around the corner. Things are busy and fraud follows money; so you need identity data delivered your way. That profitably then improves your order review process.

If you are still doing multiple searches to validate information, whether it’s the name, address, phone, email, and IP information you have on a customer all jive; it’s time to stop.  Stop wasting time and money and get the five-in-one solution with the Whitepages Pro Identity Check that includes matching:

  • NEW name-to-email
  • name-to-phone
  • name-to-address
  • phone-to-address
  • and IP-to-address

so you can clear with confidence, ease, and speed.

We match the data attributes that matter to you; 94% of our top eCommerce retailers said email-to-name match data was extremely valuable in helping gain the competitive edge on providing customers with frictionless fulfillment.

Learn more about our industry leading identity data that has:

  • Data on 100% of US phones
  • 30+ years of historical data
  • IP Geolocation and proxy detection
  • Email data including date first seen and owner
  • ­­Direct integration into existing systems and platforms
  • Real time verification via
    • An intuitive and easy to use Web UI for agents and reviewers to access where ever they are
    • A simple and elegant API that empowers analysts and developers to handle unique and diverse needs in identifying different types of fraud and optimizing customer experiences.


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