“More Cowbell:” Preparing for Increases in Digital Marketing Budgets

A little background: Do you remember the Saturday Night Live sketch that made the phrase, “more cowbell” famous? Rewatch Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken’s classic duo above for a refresh.  In brief, “more cowbell” has come to mean something that one can never get enough of or something that can never be underused.


With digital advertising spending on the rise again, you can almost hear the rumblings of anxious CEOs to their marketing teams that  “we need more cowbell,” or in this case, we need to spend more on digital advertising. To no one’s surprise, Gartner predicts that digital advertising spending will rise 17% in 2015.


This is good news for the marketing service sector as companies continue to invest heavily to drive more leads into their customer acquisition channels. The impact of this increased advertising will likely be felt by the contact centers that manage and respond to the increased lead traffic. This can be in the form of inbound calls from 800 numbers, click-to-call activity, and lead form responders who are raising their hands to learn more about products and services.


At Whitepages Pro, we provide identity data and technology to help businesses optimize inbound lead traffic. We often hear from our clients that “not all leads are created equal” and there are some best practices to improve performance in your contact center. Here are a few ways that successful contact centers are utilizing Whitepages Pro to handle increased call traffic:


  • Caller ID: real-time populating of accurate name and address information improves efficiency and reduces handling times of calls.


  • Contextual Call Routing: confirms the origination of the call for line type, proper call prioritization and attribution.


  • Lead Forms: validate and identify names, addresses, and phone numbers for lead prioritization and enhancement.


  • Dropped Calls: reconnect with dropped callers by querying the phone number to identify calls that are lost or mishandled.


  • Spam Callers: eliminate unwanted or nuisance calls in your contact center and track potential lead fraud from your lead sources.


For more “cowbell” discussions, or any questions on how you can implement any of these solutions you can easily reach me via Twitter @thomasjmaddock

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