Call Tracking and Lead Recovery Dominates the ERA D2C Convention

The Electronic Retailers Association held their Direct to Consumer conference in Las Vegas last week. I spent a solid couple of days there representing Whitepages PRO alongside Whitepages CEO, Alex Algard.


As always, I loved talking to different customers and prospects in order to hear what is top of mind in the market.  I came away with two areas that were receiving the vast majority of attention in our executive discussions: call tracking and spam callers.


Call Tracking


This was a really hot issue for both customers and vendors. Here are some takeaways from the folks in the call analytics arena:

  • More data about inbound callers gives more bang for the direct-marketing buck
  • Getting a name and address enables multichannel marketing via mailers
  • Lead recovery is a huge issue for large advertisers wanting a second crack at misdials, dropped calls or hang-ups


I was pleased to explain that Whitepages PRO answers the call here with our Identity Graph and Graph API. Both provide deep insights on addresses and additional household members via our phone lookup search.


Spam Callers


Everyone working in the click-to-call space expressed concern over the increasing number of spam calls in the overall percentage of calls.  Because of this, advertisers are getting frustrated. And with TCPA compliance fines increasing, focusing on quality calls and leads is a huge industry issue. (Find out more about TCPA compliance here.)


Alex and I talked with a number of large voice and SMS vendors about our unique Whitepages Spam Score, based on an infrastructure that tracked nearly twenty billion calls in the first half of 2014.  We explained that Spam Score is a differentiated data product that really helps the industry and the consumer in this increasingly problematic area.


By the end of the convention, Alex and I had learned a ton and met some great people. We’re back in Seattle feeling proud of Whitepages PRO and armed with a few new ideas.

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