What’s Fraud Really Costing Your Business?

Is your fraud detection working for you or against you? If it’s taking too long, slowing down order fulfillment, or flagging good orders as bad, it’s costing you money.

You’ve seen the fraud statistics, but how do those stats potentially impact your business? Give us a couple of numbers and our fraud calculator will show you how fraud could be affecting you.  See the potential impact of fraud on your business – from the number of good orders being rejected to the average amount of time employees spend reviewing flagged orders.

Whitepages Pro Identity Check can speed up your order review process and increase your revenue. Reduce the number of orders flagged for manual review from 27% to 14% and get a positive impact during your manual review process by clearing up to 15% more orders faster. Even better, speed up your manual review process to 3m/order with our easy-to-use web tools!

Run the numbers and see how Whitepages Pro data can help your business.  We’ll show you:

  • The number of orders cleared immediately
  • The amount of revenue recognized immediately
  • The number of good orders not rejected and its associated revenue
  • The number of orders cleared faster and its associated revenue
  • The amount of time saved reviewing orders and the recoup rate by employee

Try the Calculator for Yourself

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