Many businesses struggle when researching the best method to reach their customers and receive customer feedback. From social media customer service accounts, to in-product messaging, there are often multiple platforms that are tested until the right communications platform is found. At Whitepages Pro, we recently adopted in-product messaging and have found it’s immense benefit for both the team and our customers. Not only do the in-product messaging widgets allow for an easier method of contact with the customer, it allows for the customer to ask product-related questions and receive quick replies. 

Read on below to learn more about our two in-product messaging widgets, and how they can enhance your Whitepages Pro experience:

1. Intercom

From sending a message about a product update to collecting product feedback, Intercom is a necessary tool that we use to connect with our customers. Within Whitepages Pro specifically, you will notice Intercom in the panel on the right side of your window.

We use Intercom to:

  • Make new product announcements
  • Provide tips and tricks on using our tools
  • Announce Maintenance Windows
  • Collect Product Feedback

Why Intercom and not the traditional email blast?

  • For product updates. Intercom messages allow us to better target our users, instead of emailing all users, we only target users impacted. This makes the experience smoother for all those involved.
  • For tips and tricks. We have the ability to present the information right where we want it, so that users don’t need to hop from their email client to a browser.
  • For maintenance windows. Rather than blasting an email alert to all of those affected, we can use intercom to easily communicate alerts.
  • For collecting product feedback. We want to be there the second you have a question or suggestion. It can be hard work to find contact information for a company, let alone the right contact’s information.

2. Zendesk Help Widget

Which is worse, having a question about a product and no way to answer it, or trying (and failing) to find the appropriate contact information for a company representative? We wanted to save our customers the hardship of searching endlessly for contact information, and implemented our help widget (at the bottom right of your Pro screen). With this widget, you can easily search relevant help articles, submit help tickets and more. Over the past 30 days, we’ve already received 200 messages!

You can use the Help Widget to:

  • Search relevant help articles
  • Submit a ticket to ask us a questions
  • Submit a ticket to provide feedback

The goal of Intercom and our Zendesk Help Widget is to make your support process smoother and simpler. If you don’t already have Whitepages Pro, grab a free API key and see these in-product messaging platforms in-person. Are you enjoying your experience? Your account services team is here to help you, let us know over our in-product widgets!

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