Announcing Whitepages Pro Reputation Network

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”
— Henry Ford

Agreed, Mr. Ford. Reputation is built on what you do, not what you say. Great brands understand the need to act when fraud poses a risk for their customers. At Whitepages Pro, one of our core values is “Do” and today we are proud to announce the Whitepages Pro Reputation Network.

Businesses can now customize the identity reputation they receive based on the specific patterns they see and share knowledge with peers, so they are on top of the latest risks before it hits their businesses.

As transaction volumes increase, businesses have to act faster than ever before. “How valuable is this incoming call? Is it a high-value customer? Or a low-value spammer?” “How risky is this transaction? Has it been flagged by others in the past? What do I know about this identity?” These are just some of the questions that the Whitepages Pro Reputation Network helps answer.

The Whitepages Pro Reputation Network is a collaborative network of shared data built upon an intelligent learning platform informed by the 3 billion+ data points that Whitepages, Inc. sees every day across our network of properties and sites. With the Whitepages Pro Reputation Network, our partners can leverage the same technology that powers our Phone Reputation product.

Phone Reputation is a great example of our “obsession” with reputation. With Phone Reputation, we are able to identify in real-time if a phone has been associated with spam, scams, or fraudulent transactions to help our partners quickly weed out unwanted calls and potential fraud from their queues and expedite their business processes.

However, we know customers, businesses and fraudsters are all unique in their own way. Accordingly, everybody needs data that’s customized and tuned based on the patterns specific to various industries and use cases. Our network strengthens with every discrete input and pattern from our customers and partners. To that end, starting today, the Whitepages Pro Reputation Network will provide Phone Reputation Tuning. This provides customers a customized reputation of a phone number based on specific call patterns we see in their business.

Here is an example: A Reputation Network customer owns several toll-free numbers and is seeing higher than usual non-converting traffic. With Phone Reputation Tuning, they can leverage the Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation platform to tune our algorithm and automatically detect and predict which incoming calls will convert. No need to track patterns, call times, originating and destination numbers, etc. Our platform manages these complexities and tunes Phone Reputation so you can simply act on the output of our algorithm. The platform is able to adapt itself to your data while still taking advantage of hundreds of other signals across multiple industries and businesses. You can find more information on the APIs for Phone Reputation Tuning here.

The Reputation Network also provides the ability to report bad identities with Phone Reputation Reporting. For instance, Business A within the Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation Network has verified a certain phone number as being a source of fraudulent transactions. They share this data to the network through the Phone Reputation Reporting API. Business B is now able to filter that phone number in real-time. You can find more information about APIs for Phone Reputation Reporting here.

The Whitepages Pro Reputation Network already has years of data from partnerships and collaboration with customers and is available today. Contact us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I be part of this network?
Phone Reputation Network manages all things ‘reputation’ so that you don’t have to. This includes blacklists, whitelists, dynamic data, call patterns, etc. Our platform draws on all these aspects and combines it with your unique data so that you receive the most accurate and comprehensive reputation information – tuned for your specific business needs.

Finally, quality and quantity of data determine the quality of an algorithm. With the Whitepages Pro Reputation Network, you leverage the combined data of all of Whitepages in addition to all of our partners within the network.

2. Is participation in the network mandatory to get identity data from Whitepages Pro?
No, participation is not mandatory. However, you will not access any customized data based on your business needs or know about specific behavior reported by other businesses who are part of the network.

3. Will I know who is reporting an identity as having a bad reputation?
No, to protect our customers, reputation reporting is anonymous.

4. I do not have the resources to integrate the APIs to report fraudulent identities. Is there a different way to report such identities?
Yes, you can send this data via csv/xslsx. Please contact me, so that we can set you up for reporting identity data in this manner.

If you have feedback, questions, concerns or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out to me at!

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