Announcing Phone IsConnected

Today, I am incredibly proud and excited to launch our phone IsConnected flag as part of our Phone Intelligence product. The flag identifies if the phone number that’s queried is “in service” or “disconnected”. Of course, this is an extremely valuable signal for many of our customers, but my excitement remains for another reason.

I am always impressed by the speed and agility the Pro team delivers on enterprise-class solutions, but this time, it was different. It was less than 60 days ago that we decided we wanted to deliver this feature as part of our second quarter deliverables. The complexity involved was gigantic and honestly, the odds were against us. However, it is with immense satisfaction I can say that we delivered. Our data scientists, developers, product managers and operations team all came together and delivered the solid enterprise-class offering of “IsConnected flag” in less than 60 days (with 2 business days to go)!

Below are a few use cases that our customers have told us time and time again.

  1. Correlation to fraud. If an e-commerce transaction comes in with a billing or shipping phone that is disconnected, it is a good indicator to fraud.
  2. Outbound call centers: Reduce costs and increase productivity as you can filter out the disconnected numbers for your marketing campaigns.

What other scenarios can you see this flag being useful? We want to hear from you. Please note that the flag is available through our Phone Intelligence API response today.

Typical response values you will see for this flag are:

  1. Disconnected: This number we know is currently not in service
  2. Connected: This number is currently in service and can make/receive calls
  3. Null: We do not know with enough certainty whether this phone is connected or disconnected.

Below is a snapshot of the entire Phone Intelligence API response:



Are you Interested in this signal and/or the Phone Intelligence response? You can sign up for the free API key or lookup the documentation.

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