Two New Cisco Integrations: Phone Reputation Call Based Routing & Caller ID Screen Pop 

Whitepages Pro now provides call centers an even more effective and efficient way to optimize the customer experience using Cisco systems with our industry leading phone identity data. We are excited to announce two new Cisco applications that empower call centers to improve workforce productivity and the customer experience. We’ve jointly developed two pre-built integrations with Cisco certified partner Cloverhound, making them simple to add into your call center environment. Both applications are available for businesses to directly leverage and Cisco system integrators wanting to add industry leading identity data to their solutions portfolio and expand their revenue opportunities.

Block spam and unwanted calls with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) powered with the Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API.

Cisco’s UCCX helps organizations intelligently connect calls with the right agent, supports customer self-service with interactive voice response (IVR), and manages agent workloads through automatic call distribution.

Spam and unwanted calls cost businesses money by negatively impacting agent morale and adding to communications usage costs. The addition of the Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API provides businesses  with real-time spam detection, enabling them to re-route bad calls and stop wasting time with agents or in the IVR.

Our proprietary automated algorithms track all types of phone spam and scams across 2.5 billion phone and text events a month and processing over 1000 numbers per second. We know with 98% confidence when a phone’s behavior is bad. This allows us to determine in real-time, if the number is associated with spam, at extremely high levels of accuracy. Take immediate action on incoming calls with this new application. The Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API offers actionable data returns, including:

  • Reputation Level: provides a spam likelihood level of 1-4. A “4” indicates high spam likelihood, while a “1” indicates the likelihood of a legitimate call. A level 4 call is a spam with 98% accuracy and should be blocked in order to filter the call queue and prioritize legimate customers while reducing the wait time in the queue.
  • Reputation Details: information on the type of behavior the phone number has been engaged with, like an IRS scam, toll-free call pumping, phishing, robocalling, etc.
  • Volume Score: how active the phone number has been in making/receiving calls and SMS. Many “high volume” numbers are making calls for legitimate purposes. For instance, a hospital or insurance claims desk will have a Reputation Level 1 of but a Volume Score of 3.
  • Report Count: Number of consumer reports Whitepages has received on this phone number being spam/risky.

To add the Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API to your Cisco UCCX system, or to talk more about SI opportunities, please contact us. You can also take a test drive of the API by requesting an API key.

Optimize the customer experience using the Cisco Finesse interface enhanced with the Whitepages Pro Caller Identification API.

Cisco Finesse helps call center agents optimize the conversations with their customers by surfacing insights the agent needs during a call through a streamlined interface. This interface is enhanced with the Whitepages Pro Caller Identification API to provide agents pertinent phone data through a simple, real-time screen-pop within Finesse. For unknown numbers that don’t yet exist in the CRM system, the screen-pop integration is able to provide name and address details for the caller via a real-time call to Whitepages Pro’s mobile identity data.

To learn more about the enhanced Cisco Finesse application utilizing the Whitepages Pro Caller Identification API as a business or a Cisco SI, contact us.

See a live, interactive demo of the Whitepages Pro Caller Identification API using Tropo communication APIs at the Cisco Collaboration Summit taking place in San Francisco December 7th to 9th.


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