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APIs for validating and appending data

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Address Validation API

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Parse and normalize inputs, validate and geocode global addresses, and get a unique identifier for every address.

Phone Intelligence API

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Identify fake account sign-ups using phone metadata attributes such as country code, is prepaid, line type, carrier and more.

Phone Reputation API

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Block and filter out spam in real-time when a number is behaving badly using a 1-4 reputation level and category.

APIs for verifying identities

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Identity Check API

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Use a Confidence Score, positive and negative signals, and links to determine transaction risk.

Find Person API

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A Find Person request allows you to identify a single person and get the associated location and phones.

Reverse Phone API

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With a reverse phone search, find all the locations, persons, or businesses associated with a phone number.

Reverse Address API

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Get info including resident name, household members, and whether the address receives mail.

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