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A global presence for global data

Whitepages Pro is an international identity data company with offices in Seattle, New York, and Budapest. We provide businesses with global identity verification solutions via enterprise-scale APIs and web tools to help companies identify legitimate customers, prevent fraudulent transactions, and smooth new customer creation. Our real-time data integrates into existing platforms, authentication workflows, and data models to help your business confidently assess and verify consumer identities worldwide.

Our foundation is data at massive scale. As a leader in identity data, Whitepages developed our own fully-integrated, high-availability Identity Graph database which houses more than 5 billion global identity records. These records have been curated and corroborated from hundreds of different sources to deliver unparalleled coverage, accuracy, and performance in identity verification. Businesses of all sizes including Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Western Union, Under Armour, Priceline, and American Airlines use Whitepages Pro data to mitigate risk and improve the customer experience.

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Delivering data through powerful partnerships

Get access to Whitepages Pro dynamic identity data through the platforms and solutions that you already rely on. Work with our team of top-tier technology partners who provide fraud prevention solutions, communication technologies, lead and application management, and more.

Our Leadership Team

Rob Eleveld

Chief Executive Officer, Whitepages Inc.

Rob leads strategy, revenue, sales and infrastructure for Whitepages. Most recently, Rob was the General Manager of our B2B solution, Whitepages Pro. Rob oversaw our go-to-market strategy from product planning and launch through sales and support execution across the customer lifecycle. Rob has a BA in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College and an MS and MBA from Stanford University.

Jason Eglit

Chief Financial Officer, Whitepages Inc.

Jason oversees all consumer revenue and supporting functions along with financial, human resources, legal and administrative areas of the company. According to Jason, the fact that Whitepages uses data for good is an important part of how we operate our business. Jason has an M.S. in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University and an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

Kushal Shah

Vice President of Pro Product Management

Kushal leads the Pro product suite built on our best in class identity data. Kushal oversees product strategy, development, and implementation and enjoys talking with customers to better understand their needs to ensure market alignment. Kushal has a Masters in Computer Science and his MBA from the Chicago Booth School of Business.

Tom Donlea

Vice President of Pro Marketing

Tom leads the marketing efforts to expand the global recognition of Whitepages Pro as the definitive identity verification data provider for risk management. He focuses on bringing our message to market through public, media, and analyst relations. Prior to Whitepages Pro, Tom was the Director of the Merchant Risk Council.

Will Wyatt

Vice President of Pro Sales

Will leads our sales operations and customer strategy. He has experience scaling technology and marketing sales organizations in Seattle and is passionate about helping customers discover new solutions. Will earned his MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business, though he remains a loyal Oregon Duck fan.

Istvan Karazi

Director of Pro Engineering

Istvan leads our cross-continental engineering efforts to build enterprise-class data products. He works closely with his team to select, develop, and motivate top global talent. Istvan earned his MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and has over 15 years of engineering experience.

Beth Shulkin

Director of Pro Product Marketing

Beth heads up product marketing at Whitepages Pro where she's responsible for strategic oversight and leadership of product marketing, partner-marketing, and sales enablement. She has over 15 years of experience in product and product marketing GTM, spanning several industries including, financial, call center software, and data API technologies.

Julie Chase

Director of Pro Global Marketing

Julie leads PR and demand generation at Whitepages Pro, which includes thought leadership content, campaigns, webinars and events. She has expertise in B2B marketing for tech companies. Julie has an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell University.

Chris Sorensen

Director of Pro Global Partnerships

Chris believes that partnerships are very much ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ He works to execute partnerships that are streamlined, straightforward, and profitable and deliver exceptional value for the end customer and is responsible for the entire 360 execution of Pro partnership strategy. Chris also reads 1-2 books a week.

Ting Van Osdol

Senior Manager of Pro Account Services

Ting oversees Pro's account services team and is focused on a scalable, but flexible, customer success approach. She has been working directly with customers for over 10 years and has substantial international experience. Ting is a native Mandarin speaker and enjoys supporting our numerous and diverse clients overseas.

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