eCommerce and Retail

Make no mistake, the fraud train is coming.

Criminals are discovering unlimited and relatively anonymous options for performing retail fraud online. Fraud follows money, are you prepared to protect your profits?

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Dynamic Identity Data is a Must

Disruptive technologies, mobile commerce, and compromises of personal data adds complexity to risk management. Dynamic identity data has become a must for fraud review and order processing of successful eCommerce retailers.

Accelerate Loan Applications

Accelerate Orders and Applications

Catch Discrepancies

Catch Discrepancies

Detect Fraud

Detect Fraud

Reduce Manual Review Times

Reduce Manual Review Times

Assist Chargeback Research

Assist Chargeback Research

Fight fraud, reduce customer insult rates and

delight your customers with frictionless fulfillment.

 Risk Signals for Retailers

Risk Signals For Retailers

Use Identity Check risk signals data to improve your online transaction processes to reduce fraud and customer friction.

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 GoPro Review Ninja

Become a Review Ninja

Learn how GoPro is using Identity Check and Curaxian's expertise to optimize their manual review process.

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 Moosejaw customer success story

Moosejaw Success Story

Learn how Moosejaw uses Identity Check to reduce chargebacks and increase customer satisfaction.

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We've cut manual fraud review time by 50% since implementing Whitepages Pro's Identity Check



Identity Check

Verify and assess your incoming orders and account sign-ups with Identity Check. It takes your customer input data, such as name, addresses, phone, email, and IP information, and intelligently matches those data attributes in real-time, to provide a clearer picture of who is behind the order.

Identity Check Data Sheet

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Streamline your online order and fraud review with Whitepages Pro, a leader in mobile identity data.

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