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Accurate Identity Verification Accelerates Sales

With up-to-date identity insights from Whitepages Pro, you can speed good orders to completion and focus your risk management efforts where they can deliver more value.

Clear Good Orders Faster

With identity data for more than 90% of U.S. adults, Whitepages Pro helps you clear more orders upfront for faster fulfillment and greater customer satisfaction.

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Cut Costly Manual Reviews

Robust data updated in real time results in more effective validation—so you can spend less time and money on manual order review.

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Verify Mobile User Identities With Confidence

Up to 70% of all e-commerce orders now use mobile phones as a billing number. With Whitepages Pro, you have access to the best data on mobile users for fast, accurate identity verification.

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Extend the Value of Your Risk Management Solution

The Whitepages Pro API makes it easy for your IT professionals to integrate robust data insights into your existing tools.

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From rapid identity verification to enhanced fraud investigation, Whitepages Pro has the tools you need to boost revenue, manage risk and reduce costs.

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Bigger Haystack, Smaller Needle:

Identity Verification for Digital Goods Merchants

High volume and high risk make the digital goods marketplace fundamentally different from traditional commercial models. Fast, accurate identity verification and the ability to rapidly segment data by profit potential are the keys to success.

Learn how a new approach to identity data delivers return on investment for digital sellers.

Success Stories

Mobile payments company increases phone verification rate and boosts revenue

Remitly_logoRemitly enables customers to make convenient person-to-person money transfers from the United States. Whitepages Pro Identity Check enhances their existing verification processes for a better workflow.

After implementing Pro Identity Check, Remitly saw an immediate increase in revenue since orders that were previously being held for review were cleared and processed faster.

“We needed to choose a company that would provide us with the best mobile phone verification tools possible.”
—Nate Spanier, Remitly Fraud Manager

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