• Whitepages Pro Web

    Pro Web is our web-based console designed for manual review agents, loan officers, and other professionals that need a concise interface for validating identity information on a regular basis. Pro Web provides access to Whitepages Pro’s proprietary data set including deeper mobile phone coverage, enhanced address detail, and additional phone elements such as “Spam Score”.  Everything is presented to the user in a modern, clean and rich user interface.

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  • Whitepages Pro API

    product_APIMAINThe Whitepages Pro API provides direct access to the largest and most accurate contact information database in North America. Whether you’re building an application for a 1000 person call center, 10 person fraud review team or anything in between, the Whitepages Pro API is flexible enough to easily integrate with your existing systems.

    The Whitepages Pro API 2.0 uses a streamlined, logical RESTful interface with simple GET requests and JSON responses. Apply for an API Key using the form below, and we will send your key within 24 hours so you can start building best in class apps on top of the Whitepages Pro platform.

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  • Whitepages Pro Identity Score

    product_prowebMain2Pro Identity Score is an identity verification service used to analyze and score the legitimacy of online transactions, loan applications, sign-up forms, or anything else with a name, phone number and address.  It uses Pro’s extensive database of verified contact information to determine if someone is who they say they are in order to protect your organization against fraud and general phonyness.


    How it works:

    Pro Identity Score receives inputs from you such as: Name, phone number, address, email address, IP address.

    Then uses a proprietary algorithm to match your data against ours, and returns a score from 0-1 based on how well the data matched up. High scoring orders or applications can be sent to processing with over 99% confidence.


    Why it works:

    product_IDscoresub2Each year Whitepages’ free sites receive over 2 billion searches, and each one of those searches is used by our data science team to perfect data matching technology.  We’ve also spent the past 15 years not only building the most robust contact database in America, but the most accurate one as well.

    Whitepages data is structured as a dynamic web of information that links names, phone numbers and addresses to other names, phone numbers and addresses.  This unique structure, which we call a Contact Graph, allows us to update information faster than our competitors and ensures accuracy  double, even triple verifying each data point.

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  • Whitepages Pro Phone Lite

    Pro Phone Lite is a perfect companion for outbound call centers that need to run checks on numbers before dialing. This API solution scans the Whitepages Pro database of over 300 million phone numbers, and returns the Do Not Call registry status and phone type for all the numbers on your list. Because this product is stripped of all other data elements, it is fast, lightweight and easily handles enterprise level high volumes.

    Worried about TCPA compliance? The new TCPA rules will require businesses to obtain prior unambiguous, written consent from consumers in order to use auto-dialers to call wireless phone numbers. Companies that are not compliant can risk penalties as high as $16,000 per violation.

    Pro Phone Lite will help you avoid heavy government fines by flagging mobile numbers on your call list.

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