• PRO for Order Verification

    In the on going battle against online retail fraud, WhitePages PRO is your next best ally. Our online verification tools work in conjunction with your existing systems to significantly reduce the pain of manual reviews.

    The PRO suite of products use the power of contact data to verify the identity of purchasers, and can significantly reduce both the number of orders that end up in manual review and the time it takes to review each flagged order.

    Speed Up Transactions

    WhitePages PRO Identity Score is an identity verification service that analyzes the legitimacy of contact information provided on each order, and can automatically clear good orders with over 99% accuracy. The result is a 20% reduction in manual reviews, more happy customers and significant cost savings for your business.

    Improve Manual Reviews

    uses_onlineOrderVerification_reviewWith WhitePages PRO Web your team will have access to 10 times the data available on WhitePages.com, including mobile numbers, full address history, and fraud indicators such as whether or not an address is currently vacant. PRO Web is also faster than WhitePages.com and streamlined for business users.

    Scale eCommerce Operations

    uses_onlineOrderVerification_scaleThe WhitePages PRO suite of order verification products are designed to optimize your transaction flow by reducing the number of orders in your manual review queue, and by shaving minutes off each manual review. In doing so, your eCommerce operation is free to scale without incurring the additional costs of scaling your manual review team as well.

  • Find and Fix Customer Contact Information

    uses_findAndFixCustomerInfo_main2Accurate customer contact information is an invaluable asset for any business.  Yet as your customers move, change their names or change phone numbers, your invaluable asset quickly becomes stale.

    With WhitePages PRO you’ll get access to the most accurate and comprehensive database of contact information in North America.  This includes 10x more data than WhitePages.com, and propriety mobile phone data not available with any other source.

    Learn more about WhitePages PRO Web

  • Application Review

    Processing applications, whether it’s for a new mortgage or new tenant, is costly, but necessary. Processing applications for people using fake identities is costly, unnecessary and downright annoying. Luckily, WhitePages PRO can help block bad applications before they clog up your review process.

    Our data includes billions of verified names, phone numbers and addresses that can matched against the names, phone numbers and addresses provided by your applicants. Matching their contact info against ours will let you know if they used a made up phone number, someone else’s address, an address that isn’t receiving mail, a VoIP number that was created less than 30 days ago, and the list goes on.

    This match can be done manually using WhitePages PRO Web. Or automatically using WhitePages PRO Identity Score.

    Either way, fraudsters and phonies won’t get very far.


  • Identify, Validate, Score and Enrich Leads

    As a marketer, the ability to quickly identify, validate and enrich leads can significantly improve your sales opportunities and ultimately strengthen your customer interactions.

    WhitePages PRO Identity Score for Lead Validation can instantly match your leads with current name, address, email, phone number, and phone type including mobile and carrier information for over 200 million consumer listings, helping you to validate, score and prioritize opportunities. PRO can also help you enrich contact information to strengthen lead quality, fix inaccuracies and append missing information.

    Learn more about PRO’s API.


  • Address Verification for Delivery Services

    Typos happen. That’s life. And typos in shipping addresses don’t need to prevent good orders from reaching good customers. Delivery service companies around the country rely on WhitePages data every day to verify, fix and update addresses before packages leave the facility.

    The WhitePages PRO premium database includes address information for well over 90% of the US adult population, as well as additional information on each address such as vacancy info and type of delivery point. We also provide a Google Street View image of the location so you can get some context around where your package is headed.

    Verifying addresses can be done manually using WhitePages PRO Web or automatically using the WhitePages PRO API.


  • Caller ID for Call Centers

    You can’t expect your call center to run efficiently without top-notch Caller ID. Not being able to effectively identify calls as they come in and go out can significantly decrease your call flow efficiencies and weaken your customer interactions.

    WhitePages PRO’s API instantly matches current name, address, age, related listings, and geocode and identifies mobile numbers and carrier type for over 300 million listings. Before your call center agent even picks up the phone, their computer is already pre-populated with the customer’s detailed contact information. With PRO, you can automatically identify inbound callers to shorten call processing time (AHT), reduce key strokes and data entry errors, and significantly reduce costs associated with outbound communication.

    Learn more about WhitePages PRO’s API.

    Learn how Vizio cut AHT by 31 seconds with PRO.


  • Collections Skip Tracing

    Arm your skip tracing tool box with the best contact information in North America.

    WhitePages PRO’s unregulated files include names, phone numbers and addresses for over 90% of the US adult population, and other crucial information such as associated people, all assocated phone numbers, neighbors, address vacancy and address history.

    Our premium data also includes millions of cell phone numbers not available through any other source. Searching by phone number on WhitePages PRO Web will let you know where that person lives down to the street address and unit number.

    You can start accessing this information right now with WhitePages PRO Web.